YouTube Thumbnails – How I Got 116k Subs & 11,000,000+ Views
Make Your YouTube Videos Viral With Eye-Catching Thumbnails. Make These YouTube Thumbnails Fast & Free – Proof included!…

What Will I Learn?
Get more YouTube views,
Get more YouTube subscribers,
Unlock ‘Viral’ potential,
Get increased earnings

YouTube Piggyback Method – Unlimited Cheap Traffic
Leverage YouTube’s 4+ billion video views per day to siphon unlimited traffic to anything you like… No Video Needed!…

What Will I Learn?
Learn how to leverage YouTubes 4+ billion daily video views to promote or market almost anything,
Excellent method of getting potentially unlimited, cheap, targeted traffic,
100% Legitimate. Nothing unethical that will get you into trouble,
Improve your SEO and rankings

YouTube Made Simple: Start your channel fast complete guide
Step by step guide to creating a YouTube channel with instructions so simple that everyone can do it…

What Will I Learn?
Be able to set up a YouTube account,
Learn how to get more fans and viewers

YOUTUBE 101 – Video Marketing for FREE: YouTube & Google SEO
Use YouTube videos & proven, powerful video marketing strategies to drive free, pinpoint-targeted traffic – YouTube 101…

What Will I Learn?
In this course, you will learn how Search Engine Optimization works for getting your YouTube videos to the top of Google,
Learn the importance of KEYWORDS and KEYWORD PHRASES for search engine optimization,
Learn where to find your optimal keywords and keyword phrases for YOUR business,
Learn how to use those keywords to get your videos to rank at the top of Google

Website Secrets: Get a Gorgeous Website on the Cheap
Website : Work smarter on your website development, design and implementation through intelligent subcontracting…

What Will I Learn?
Learn what exactly are freelancers,
Who is the legal author for work done by the freelancer,
What are the benefits of working with a freelance website team,
Where can someone find freelancers,
What exactly are Remote Job Marketplaces,
List of the most popular online marketplaces,
Agreements and policies,
More about the Freelancing Method,
The benefits of working with a freelance website team,
Tax and legal issues,
More about the Remote Job Marketplaces,
The benefits of recruiting freelancers from Remote Job Marketplaces,
List of the most popular online marketplaces,
Agreements and Policies,
An introduction about oDesk,
How it works

Video Creation Fast Track
Discover How To Create Your Very Own In Demand Video Course That Sells Like Crazy – And That Your Customers Will Love! …

What Will I Learn?
By the end of this course you will understand how to create top notch video training courses, more quickly than you thought possible

These 5 Productivity Hacks Will Change the Way You Work
Change your life today! Learn some of the best productivity hacks which will save you a ton of time every day!…

What Will I Learn?
Have more outcome from your work,
Work faster than other people,
Have more fun at work

Theory of Change: Align Your Strategies to Achieve Results
Strategic planning that connects your organizational mission and strategies with your desired outcomes!…

What Will I Learn?
Develop a Theory Of Change using the free workbook provided,
Craft a crystal clear mission for the organization using a step by step process,
Test assumptions using double loop learning and design thinking,
Define organizational strategies using a Logic Model, Balanced Scorecard and Skills Audit,
Determine a target audience using a client description system,
Evaluate achieved outcomes

The Successful Entrepreneur 10 New Rules of Entrepreneurship
The Complete Guide To Entrepreneurship With The Principals To Guide Your Way To Success…

What Will I Learn?
Inspire entrepreneurs to start their own business,
The most important new rules of entrepreneurship,
How to go into business with little to no money

The Complete YouTube Course 2017: Go from Beginner to Expert
Become a Professional YouTuber and monetize your passion with this complete guide to making it with your own videos!…

What Will I Learn?
See exactly how and why I grown my channel to 117,000 subscribers and nearly 10 million views,
Grow your YouTube channel by utilising Advanced tactics and strategies,
Go from Beginner to Advanced in getting your videos ranked,
Understand the major elements that create viral videos,
Use YouTube Ads confidently for the lowest cost to promote their videos,
Increase your chances of getting to page 1 of YouTube search for popular keywords,
Go from Beginner to Advanced in editing videos to a high standard,
Capture viewers and turn them into subscribers with various tactics

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