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How to get your first 1,000 customers
Go from 0 to 1,000 customers in 1 course. Social media, Content & Video Marketing, PR, SEO, SEM, FB, Instagram & more…

What Will I Learn?
Understand the basics of growth marketing and traction channels,
Drill down on customer paint points and build user personas,
Align marketing channels with their personal preferences and skills,
Use Twitter and Facebook to conduct research and sales outreach,
Canvas Reddit, Meetup, and other platforms to canvas for customers,
Set up, manage, and analyze user stats & behaviors through Google Analytics,
Successfully drive sales through posting & commenting on Reddit, ProductHunt, & HackerNews,
Set up, populate, and use an Instagram account,
Market using 3 different techniques on Instagram,
Set up, populate, and use a Snapchat account,
Market using 4 different techniques on SnapChat,
Build and maintain a press list,
Strategize angles for pitching and being covered by press,
Understand the mentality and mindset behind press & journalists,
Successfully manage relationships with press and pitch them successfully,
Build a comprehensive content marketing plan

How to Turn Instagram into a Business
How to grow a following, expedite that process faster, profit off your traffic, and then automate the business model…

What Will I Learn?
How to monetize an Instagram Page

Build a Huge List of Email IDs in a Day: Ultimate Hacks
An Actionable course on Advanced Lead-Generation….

What Will I Learn?
Gain hands-on tactics for generating high-quality leads,
Learn actionable and advanced lead generation tactics that they can apply to their business,
Create a repeatable, sustainable lead generation process,
Generate tons of leads to aid in their email campaign

Blogging to Freedom: Create Your Independence with Blogging
The cubiclepreneur’s step by step guide to blogging and building a blog as their foundation for an independent business….

What Will I Learn?
Create a blog using WordPress that helps them build a network, an online platform or a business,
Decide on a domain name for their blog that fits their niche and their goals,
Install a WordPress site and get it live on the internet,
Set up a professional email address on their domain,
Customize the look and feel of their website,
Protect their website from hackers,
Back up their website on a daily basis,
Comfortably reach out to other bloggers or businesses in their niche to develop patnerships,
Build relationships with their audience,
Understand all the technology needed to create and run a blog

Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind
Building, Utilizing, and Remarketing to Targeted Email Lists in No More than One Day!…

What Will I Learn?
How to build an email list from scratch in no more than a day,
How to use an email list to make money,
How to remarket back to profitable leads,
How to find profitable Affiliate Marketing products,
The ins and outs of making money with Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Create & Sell A Digital Product: From Beginner To Expert
Own a high converting online product, even if you have no idea where to begin!…

What Will I Learn?
Create your own high converting, digital product,
Use our surefire techniques to brainstorm profitable ideas,
Avoid wasting your precious time and energy on a potential failure, using this proven market research formula,
Use ethical ways to make you look like an ‘expert’, even if you’re not,
Employ this step by step method to finally getting your ebook written and published (part 5’s simplicity will surprise you),
Make your product look a million bucks, with tools that anyone can pick up and use to create stunning marketing graphics,
Access the top selling marketplaces you can leverage, for instant traffic and sales,
Use our guided method to creating a high value video course,
Have your videos looking like a pro even on the tightest of budgets,
Prepare your website so that it’s ready for sales,
Write sales copy that sells with high click rates and happy affiliates,
Protect your products using this step by step method,
List your product in the JVZoo marketplace,
Drive traffic that converts to leads and sales

Quick And Easy Content Curation For Online Marketers
Learn How To Create A Simple, Profitable and Viral Website That People Love To Visit And Will Share With Their Friends…

What Will I Learn?
At the end of this course students will understand how and where to create viral content from scratch,
At the end of my course, students will be able to…

Google Advanced Search: Find Stuff Like a Boss
Become an Expert Googler…

What Will I Learn?
Read and write complex Google search queries,
Filter your search results according to your own criteria,
Add Google Advanced Search as a technical skill on your resume,
Become efficient at finding stuff on Google

Master Outsourcing | Get the best price & save time
Learn how to outsource like a professional. Master uncommon techniques & skills for guaranteeing project success….

What Will I Learn?
Understand what is and isn’t outsourcing,
Validate your idea’s preparedness and eligibility for outsourcing,
Understand how much to budget and ways to reduce project costs,
Navigate the biggest outsourcing platforms: UpWork and Freelancer,
Use advanced search criteria to find and locate more specific outsourcing partners,
Build a contracting strategy that works with your level of experience and your idea’s level of progress,
Intelligently choose your ideal price point and preferred region,
Write job titles, descriptions, and settings that bring in high-quality bids,
Use wireframing tools like Balsamiq to quickly put together mockups of your idea,
Use advanced techniques to bring your project together faster, negotiate bid prices, and vet potential partners,
Employ common and uncommon best practices for outsourcing,
Keep your project on track and increase transparency with tools like Asana and Trello,
Bug hunt and run QA tests like a professional,
Navigate the most common scenarios that arise from outsourcing

Shopify Drop Ship Mastery
Become an ecommerce entrepreneur and turn your passion into a living…

What Will I Learn?
How to set up a Dropshipping site on Shopify,
How to pick a niche that customers want to buy from,
How to pick products that sell,
How to optimize product listings and a Shopify store,
How to drive paid and free organic traffic to their store

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