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Email marketing for small business – more sales, less effort
Learn how to use email marketing to grow your business and generate more sales from your customers and prospects….

What Will I Learn?
Understand the basics of email marketing,
create sign up forms and boxes they can use on their website to attract subscribers,
Create and send one-off emails to their subscribers,
Create an autoresponder series so their subscribers receive regular, automated emails,
Analyse the results of their emails and improve their open and click through rates

Customers For Life -Disney’s Formula to Get More Raving Fans
Walt Disney used a special formula for unlimited abundance. Learn the formula and how to apply it to your business today…

What Will I Learn?
Have a clear understanding of your business,
Understand what makes your business unique,
Understand why should customers do business with you,
Have a clear understanding of your market,
Understand who is your ideal customer and or niche,
Understand how to get your customer’s attention,
Be able to develop a system to secure repeat customers,
Be able to develop a system to secure referrals not just word of mouth,

Content Marketing Mindset
Effectively harness the power of content marketing and social media to build your ideal audience and drive more sales!…

What Will I Learn?
Plan and execute a successful content marketing campaign

Content Creation Mastermind – Knowledge is a Business!
The step-by-step tutorial course on how to get your knowledge to work for you…

What Will I Learn?
How to produce content,
How to edit content,
How to record content,
How to start a YouTube channel and upload videos,
How to rank YouTube videos to grow your following and view count,
How to turn a blog into a digital business card to get exposure for your content,
How to upload courses to Udemy,
How to upload courses to Skillshare,
Much much more

Chakra Healing
Clearing For Better Energy, Thinking. Clear out the garbage clogging up your Chakra energy systems quickly and easily….

What Will I Learn?
Clear the Chakra energy centers in their bodies,
Learn what the 7 Chakras are and what they do physically and emotionally,
How to install more positive energy into them

Building Teams by Outsourcing Task to Virtual Assistants
The Key To Explosive Business Growth…

What Will I Learn?
Identify why virtual teams are important,
Learn when offshore outsourcing of a virtual assistant (or remote worker) is appropriate,
Benefits and challenges of offshore outsourcing,
Learn how to onboard an offshore resource,
Understand the options of offshore outsourcing service companies,
Learn when onshore outsourcing of a virtual assistant (or virtual worker) is appropriate,
Benefits and challenges of onshore outsourcing,
Learn how to build cohesiveness and synergy in virtual teams

Build Grit
How to Keep Going When You Want to Give Up…

What Will I Learn?
Build grit necessary for any accomplishment,
Keep going despite difficulties and setbacks,
Know when to keep going and when it’s better to give up,
Develop mental toughness to handle difficult situations and persevere without losing confidence,
Avoid the most common pitfalls that lead people to giving up

Book Cover Design – Easy 3D eBook, Audio & Video Covers
Want to easily create 3D book covers, CD covers and DVD covers? (and more) This course shows you how, step-by-step!…

What Will I Learn?
Easily create 3d book covers, CD covers and DVD covers using an online tool,
Create packages of covers for multi-media sets,
Use these covers in their sales materials, websites, sales letters, etc. to sell more of their product

Become a Growth Marketer: Learn Growth Marketing & Get a Job
Learn the skills to start your career in Growth Marketing. 5 hours of basic, intermediate, & advanced marketing lessons…

What Will I Learn?
Apply basic, intermediate, & advanced growth techniques to their own campaigns or their company’s,
Understand the basics of advertising psychology & persuasion,
Design and start their own email advertising campaign,
Design and predict their company or product’s growth trajectory,
Apply the traction model of distribution to their own venture or firm,
Design and run their first Google adwords campaign,
Design and run their own Facebook ads campaign,
Analyze other types of advertising and their suitability for each campaign,
Understand the basics of company and product branding,
Look for and decide between available marketing & growth positions,
Put together a personal portfolio that will increase their likelihood of being hired,
Use tactics for using free work to increase their exposure before applying for jobs,
Know what to expect during interviews for marketing positions

Artificial Intelligence Video Creation: Amazing Video Tools
Create Videos at Incredible Speeds Without Expensive Software…

What Will I Learn?
Learn Biteable – An Amazing Video Creation Tool,
Learn Lumen5 – An spellbinding tool to convert article to videos in minutes.

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