Ministry of Inspiration 1: ‘Instant’ Happiness. Why Wait?
Richard Wilkins, the UK’s Minister for Inspiration, and Tom Cassidy’s mentor, shows us 9 tools for instant happiness. …

What Will I Learn?
By the end of the course you will know how to be happy instantly. At will. Without drama and trickery,
You will learn that the voice in your head talking you out of being happy, being awesome, being great is not you,
You will know how to apply the tools of The Script, The Sausage Machine, Simpson’s Syndrome and many others, moment to moment to help you feel good when you most want to. i.e. NOW,
This course is like everything by Eckhart Tolle, but simpler, and with the ‘how’ to actually do it

Master Outsourcing | Get the best price & save time
Learn how to outsource like a professional. Master uncommon techniques & skills for guaranteeing project success….

What Will I Learn?
Understand what is and isn’t outsourcing,
Validate your idea’s preparedness and eligibility for outsourcing,
Understand how much to budget and ways to reduce project costs,
Navigate the biggest outsourcing platforms: UpWork and Freelancer,
Use advanced search criteria to find and locate more specific outsourcing partners,
Build a contracting strategy that works with your level of experience and your idea’s level of progress,
Intelligently choose your ideal price point and preferred region,
Write job titles, descriptions, and settings that bring in high-quality bids,
Use wireframing tools like Balsamiq to quickly put together mockups of your idea,
Use advanced techniques to bring your project together faster, negotiate bid prices, and vet potential partners,
Employ common and uncommon best practices for outsourcing,
Keep your project on track and increase transparency with tools like Asana and Trello,
Bug hunt and run QA tests like a professional,
Navigate the most common scenarios that arise from outsourcing

Learn to Build your Business data online using Google Drive
Develop your business with online storage using google drive and collaborate with your friends using online technology…

What Will I Learn?
Set up your Google Drive account,
Learn how to Build your business data online,
Learn how to create and upload documents,
Learn how to share your documents with anyone,
Learn how to create documents and spreadsheets,
Learn how to collaborate online

Intro to Entrepreneurship: Get started as an Entrepreneur
Learn everything you need to know to become an Entrepreneur. Master the concepts and coming up with great business ideas…

What Will I Learn?
Understand and apply all the core concepts of Entrepreneurship,
Tell the difference between the realities of Entrepreneurship & the common myths,
Assess their own personality through the lens of Entrepreneurship & know how to find partners that have what they are lacking,
Focus in on the key traits and aspects needed to be successful as an Entrerpreneur,
Understand the Optimistic Deterministic framework of the future,
Understand and focus their Entrepreneurial efforts according to the correct venture process flow,
Align their efforts with the correct type of entrepreneur they want to become,
Understand the roles and expectations from them as their idea conceptualizes and grows,
Pick between what type of business best suits them,
Understand the concept of business modeling, and how new business models are creating exponentially more opportunity,
Understand and apply the concept of Scalability as an assessment tool,
Understand the correct & factual nature of business idea creation and set their expectations realistically,
Assess what skills and passions they have and apply them towards ideation,
Use 3 common techniques to come up with great business ideas,
Use 5 different techniques for easy validation of a business idea,
Understand the core concepts behind the Lean Startup Framework

How To Write 1 Book In Under 6 Hours
Discover The Secrets To Writing Kindle Books Like A Machine On This Quick But Magical Journey…

What Will I Learn?
Discover the ins and outs of writing valuable books in bulk,
Create habits that enforce positive changes within their businesses and personal lives,
Write 1 book in under six hours

How to Turn Instagram into a Business
How to grow a following, expedite that process faster, profit off your traffic, and then automate the business model…

What Will I Learn?
How to monetize an Instagram Page

How to Set Powerful Intentions and Clear Goals
Discover How You Can Achieve Your Dreams and Purpose Easier and Faster Than You THought Possible…

What Will I Learn?
Set Powerful Intentions,
Make Clear Goals

How to get your first 1,000 customers
Go from 0 to 1,000 customers in 1 course. Social media, Content & Video Marketing, PR, SEO, SEM, FB, Instagram & more…

What Will I Learn?
Understand the basics of growth marketing and traction channels,
Drill down on customer paint points and build user personas,
Align marketing channels with their personal preferences and skills,
Use Twitter and Facebook to conduct research and sales outreach,
Canvas Reddit, Meetup, and other platforms to canvas for customers,
Set up, manage, and analyze user stats & behaviors through Google Analytics,
Successfully drive sales through posting & commenting on Reddit, ProductHunt, & HackerNews,
Set up, populate, and use an Instagram account,
Market using 3 different techniques on Instagram,
Set up, populate, and use a Snapchat account,
Market using 4 different techniques on SnapChat,
Build and maintain a press list,
Strategize angles for pitching and being covered by press,
Understand the mentality and mindset behind press & journalists,
Successfully manage relationships with press and pitch them successfully,
Build a comprehensive content marketing plan

How To Get More Done In 3 Hours Than Most Do In 3 Days
One of the most effective courses for getting so much more done in much less time….

What Will I Learn?
Pinpoint the BIGGEST actions to take,
Know EXACTLY what to focus on,
Know exactly what NOT to focus on,
Eliminate pesky distractions,
Take appropriate actions to get amazing results

How to Generate Passive Income With No Initial Funds
Generate a Passive Income stream that pays you dividends for the months and years to come…

What Will I Learn?
How to generate Passive Income streams and work from anywhere in the world

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