How to Build Your Own Website
A step-by-step course on how you can build your very own professional and optimized website…

What Will I Learn?
Create a website that looks fantastic,
Capture emails with that site,
Produce engaging content,
Create new pages to give the site more depth,
Understand SEO tactics,
Get a domain name,
Get found in search engines,
Get apps to help automate certain aspects of the website,
Optimize the site for mobile,
Create a website that stands out

How to be more productive working from home
Learn to plan your day strategically so that you can be more productive and have time left over…

What Will I Learn?
How to be more productive with time left over,
How To Dress For Success,
How to block your time for the most important tasks

Home Business Ideas For 2016, Create Online Home Business
Learn 5 Best Ideas For 2016 To Create a Profitable Home Business And Start Your Company Online…

What Will I Learn?
Create A Profitable Online Business From Zero,
Learn Different Ways To Earn Money Online,
Discover What Is Working Well On Internet And What’s Dont,
Find Out What Websites Can Help Generate Passive Income

Google Advanced Search: Find Stuff Like a Boss
Become an Expert Googler…

What Will I Learn?
Read and write complex Google search queries,
Filter your search results according to your own criteria,
Add Google Advanced Search as a technical skill on your resume,
Become efficient at finding stuff on Google

Fast Video Curation: Create an online branded tv channel
Curate your way to marketing success…

What Will I Learn?
Curate videos from YouTube and Vimeo using 2 online platforms,
Create an online branded TV channel from scratch,
Drive traffic through videos created by other individuals,
Drive traffic to your YouTube videos through articles written by anyone,
Learn about Video conversions through leveraging a popular video platform,
Embed these curated videos on websites

Facebook Marketing: Boost your Facebook Fanpage
Build a successful Facebook Fanpage, attract more followers and turn them into loyal customers (focus on organic growth)…

What Will I Learn?
Create posts your followers will love and get better results while saving a lot of time,
Increase your reach and visibility to gain more followers and raise your revenue,
Learn how to sell more products or services with Facebook Marketing,
Grow your Facebook Fanpage organically without spending lots of money and time for marketing campaigns,
Build up trust and a solid expert status in your niche as well as a stable community that supports your brand constantly,
Analyze your postings to create better ones and boost your Facebook with consistent Social Media Marketing

Email marketing for small business – more sales, less effort
Learn how to use email marketing to grow your business and generate more sales from your customers and prospects….

What Will I Learn?
Understand the basics of email marketing,
create sign up forms and boxes they can use on their website to attract subscribers,
Create and send one-off emails to their subscribers,
Create an autoresponder series so their subscribers receive regular, automated emails,
Analyse the results of their emails and improve their open and click through rates

Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind
Building, Utilizing, and Remarketing to Targeted Email Lists in No More than One Day!…

What Will I Learn?
How to build an email list from scratch in no more than a day,
How to use an email list to make money,
How to remarket back to profitable leads,
How to find profitable Affiliate Marketing products,
The ins and outs of making money with Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Customers For Life -Disney’s Formula to Get More Raving Fans
Walt Disney used a special formula for unlimited abundance. Learn the formula and how to apply it to your business today…

What Will I Learn?
Have a clear understanding of your business,
Understand what makes your business unique,
Understand why should customers do business with you,
Have a clear understanding of your market,
Understand who is your ideal customer and or niche,
Understand how to get your customer’s attention,
Be able to develop a system to secure repeat customers,
Be able to develop a system to secure referrals not just word of mouth,

Create & Sell A Digital Product: From Beginner To Expert
Own a high converting online product, even if you have no idea where to begin!…

What Will I Learn?
Create your own high converting, digital product,
Use our surefire techniques to brainstorm profitable ideas,
Avoid wasting your precious time and energy on a potential failure, using this proven market research formula,
Use ethical ways to make you look like an ‘expert’, even if you’re not,
Employ this step by step method to finally getting your ebook written and published (part 5’s simplicity will surprise you),
Make your product look a million bucks, with tools that anyone can pick up and use to create stunning marketing graphics,
Access the top selling marketplaces you can leverage, for instant traffic and sales,
Use our guided method to creating a high value video course,
Have your videos looking like a pro even on the tightest of budgets,
Prepare your website so that it’s ready for sales,
Write sales copy that sells with high click rates and happy affiliates,
Protect your products using this step by step method,
List your product in the JVZoo marketplace,
Drive traffic that converts to leads and sales

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